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POEA News/Advisory: Ban on deployment to three countries lifted

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“The POEA Governing Board has issued three resolutions lifting the ban on deployment to Nigeria, Libya and South Sudan and instructed the POEA to resume processing of documents of OFWs bound to the said countries.

Above is an excerpt from POEA website under OFW News/Advisory.

Earlier the following countries were ban from deploying OFW’s under POEA circulars.

South Sudan/Nigeria

South Sudan and all in Africa, that includes Nigeria, which is having potential in oil & gas, lifting the ban is favorable to Filipinos. In fact, I know a leading company in Kuwait that engages in oil & gas is exploring the potentials of Africa. According to their bulletin “The Future is Africa”.

The good news is that this company now in Kuwait is employing several numbers of Filipinos. Possible expansion to Africa especially South Sudan means a chance also for OFW’s for I’m sure they will hire Filipinos for this country.

The proclamation of South Sudan as a new state as of 9th July 2011, a country that is landlocked with no access to seaports and with under-developed transportation infrastructure – South Sudan is facing a lot of challenges. Challenges that will bring a diverse project to any company that will help South Sudan develop its potential.

You may click the link to view POEA circular lifting the ban for South Sudan and Nigeria.


In Libya primarily the ban was issued because this country underwent turmoil in toppling their leader Muamar Gaddafi. But since the intervention of other countries the uprising was over and the country is under new leadership.

Libya is facing also a lot of challenges not only politically but also in rebuilding the nation. Infrastructures were devastated. A lot of OFW’s were force-repatriated during the uprising. The opportunity also for these OFW’s to comeback to Libya is almost guaranteed. I’m sure that their employers once get back into business will definitely recall them – their Filipino employees.

Libya being one of the leaders in exporting oil would have no problem in funding huge projects in the future. I will not be surprise if Libya will employ a lot of OFW’s more than ever under the new leadership.

You may also click the link to view POEA circular lifting the ban for Libya.

For those applying now to work abroad, don’t miss these three countries in your list as potential host country for employment.



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