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How Not Knowing “Nature’s Taste” Pandesal Makes Your Breakfast Incomplete

How Not Knowing "Nature's Taste" Pandesal Makes You a Rookie

Na miss mo ba ang mainit na pandesal sa kape tuwing agahan?

Well, for me not anymore! Because I discovered “Nature’s Taste” bakery.

If pancake is the typical breakfast for most Americans. For Pinoys, of course, it’s “pandesal“. So you should know where’s the hottest pandesal in Kuwait to complete your breakfast.

Nature’s Taste located at Old Souk Salmiya, just behind McDonalds, next to Tiya Marias.

A friend told me about Nature’s Taste bakery. So, the following day, I went to the location to find out the bakery.

From outside, it looks like a typical bakala. Its location is just below a residential building. 
Then, I went inside. There were five staffs running the bakery and they’re friendly. 
I bought 10 pandesal and one pouch of Spanish bread that has six pieces inside. All cost one dinar; half KD for 10 pandesal, half KD for a pouch of Spanish bread.
For half dinar, you’ll get 10 hot pandesal with your hot coffee for breakfast. I think the price is reasonable. We all know that the price now in Kuwait has gone up on all basic commodities. 
In the morning, I tasted my first Pinoy style pandesal. Nature’s Taste is different. It’s special. It is firm, not bum.
The following day after my office I went again there to buy. I talked to one of in charge, which I believed is the owner. 
I asked if I can take pictures and write few words here in this blog. 
And she said, “Okay”with a smile. She told me that they opened a month ago.
“The first Filipino bakery in Kuwait” she continued.
She went to the other staff and posed for the photo below. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your pandesal and have your breakfast like you are at home.
For more queries contact 90065757, 66585004.
How Not Knowing "Nature's Taste" Pandesal Makes You a Rookie
The friendly staff at Nature’s Taste bakery 
How Not Knowing "Nature's Taste" Pandesal Makes You a Rookie
Nature’s Taste product lines on the display shelves
How Not Knowing "Nature's Taste" Pandesal Makes You a Rookie
Nature’s Taste from outside



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