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How to resign your job in good way

One of the uncomfortable feelings, I felt being an employee, is when I resign from my first job in Kuwait. When I resign from that job, wherein I worked for 3 years — the longest I’ve ever work in my entire working career — there were doubts stopping me from resigning.

Well, my number one doubt during the time I resigned, was how to tell my boss. I felt nervous to tell him that I’m resigning. Fortunately, when I worked in HR, I learned that there should be nothing to worry about. Actually, there’s a basic formula, how to resign your job in a good way and gracefully. I would like to share this to you.

  • Make sure that resigning is really the right decision. Don’t resign if, you just want to get an increment, or you just want to let your boss feel and realize how important you are. This will tarnish your reputation.
  • Make sure that the company you are transferring to, can wait for three months. If you are resigning because you found another job, you should ask your new employer if they are willing to wait for three months, because this is the required notice period as per the Kuwait Labor Law.
  • Tell your boss in person. Especially if you are close to your boss, shooting an email to his inbox is not a good idea. Request for a meeting and tell him face-to-face.
  • Have your answer ready when your boss asks why. It is always good to tell the honest answer whatever the main reason there is why you’re resigning. But it will depend on your boss management style. If your boss accepts criticism you can tell him if your reason, for example you resign because you are feed up of the working very long hours, which is the company’s culture. But if your boss doesn’t like to hear that kind of reason, it will be good to tell him about “better opportunity” or the new job is “near to your place” is acceptable.
  • Cooperate and offer for a smooth transition. Train and provide assistance to your replacement. Provide password to your computer, keys to you drawer, and handover pending work. Try to leave a contact number before you leave, this will generate goodwill.



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