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Residency and Work Permit History to determine transfer possibility

As of early this year, there’s actually a rule that has been strictly implemented in transferring from one sponsor to another. Our administration now requires the residency and work permit history printout to determine if a certain applicant can be locally transferred or not for those who are currently under project or government visa.

So if you plan to look for another job make sure that you are transferable as per the current ministry rules. In order to find it out, before applying, I advice you to get the a printout of the following:

  • Residency History printout from the Immigration Department (تسلسل إقامات) – This printout shows the history of your residency from the the time you entered Kuwait.
  • Work Permit History printout from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor (بيان حالة) – This printout shows the history of your work permit from the time you work under a sponsor.



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