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OFSI Batch 8 completes the five-module personal financial literacy seminar

Renz Leano OFSI (center) posed with OFSI Batch 8 attendees after completing the final module.

Overseas Filipino Stocks Investors (OFSI) founder and president, Renz Leano was very emotional and teary-eyed while listening to the testimonials of OFSI Batch 8 attendees, as the personal financial literacy sessions concluded on Friday, 18th September 2015 in Hawally, Kuwait.

Mr. Leano introduced the first attendee who shared testimony about the seminar.

“You are one of the best mentors. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and for boosting participants to understand all the modules. We learned a lot of wisdoms; sabi nga naming mag-asawa, ‘sana noon pa natin eto alam, sana na-enlighten na tayo noon pa about financial literacy’.” said Tom Alcancia, one of the attendees and has been an OFW for more than 20 years.

Tom was emotional too in his testimonial as he lamented why he was not enlightened earlier about financial literacy. But Tom understood that it was never too late.

“Anyhow, I guess it is not too late yet as we can apply the information learned in our investment objectives – growth of income and to properly handle our current assets. Most of all we can share and impart the financial literacy we learned to our children and the young ones”, says Tom as he ended his testimonial thanking Leano and his team.


The five-module seminar for Batch 8 started on August 14. The succeeding modules were conducted on August 21, September 4, 11 and finally on Friday September 18.

M. Arroyo, an IT professional who also completed the sessions was thankful to OFSI. With the seminar he had now the right mindset for strengthening his financial foundation.

“Thank you OFSI and Mr. Renz Leano! Your advocacy has truly changed my financial perspective and the future of my family. Attending OFSI sessions has equipped me with the right mindset, further strengthened my financial foundation and allowed me to better plan my financial future”, says Arroyo. 

After hearing the testimonials, the attendees were asked to choose the companies they’re interested in investing their hard-earned money through the stock market.

The attendees were very excited revealing the names of the companies they’re interested as Mr. Leano gave his advice on their choices.   

The session ended with a dinner. The 50 attendees went home not just having their tummy filled with the food they brought, but with mind also filled with information and wisdom they’ve got from the just concluded seminar. It is time for them to execute towards their journey to financial freedom and abundance. 
As what brother Bo Sanchez said, “Education without Execution is Extinction” 
To those who are interested in the next batch you may visit the following websites for more information.

Disclosure: I also attended Batch 8 sessions, and if you’re an OFW working in Kuwait, I recommend that you try to attend this seminar. Limited slots only. 



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  1. Congratulations!!! Enjoy your journey in investing. Be happy and be wise in investing! I suggest as newbie investor, you should invest in the company that is familiar to you. If you are not familiar and you are interested that type of industries. Please take your time to research the company. If in case no company yet that matches your criteria. Keep it in cash and research more. Then, if you are invested you can monitor it once a month and always make a print out of your statement of account for your future and back up reference. God Bless you all in investing. OFSI batch 8, once again, Congratulations, Each of you is now becoming one of Overseas Filipino Workers true heroes. – Cheers!!! -donjuan

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