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Want to step up your reading? Read this first

I always like reading. When I was in elementary, I remember reading about just anything. I even read contents of old newspapers used as dried fish wrappers. Back then, my hometown in Mindanao had a very limited source of reading materials. We don’t even have a public library. We do have in our schools but with limited supply of books. In fact, I read almost every books there. Tambay talaga ako sa library noong elementary at high school.

I’m even hooked up in reading comics. I used to rent comics… Yes seriously! I like comics stories lalong lalo na ‘yong maaksiyon like Ninja, Samurai. The illustrations and the stories really thrilled me.

Then later on, It seemed that I’m the only one renting comics at the lone comics stand situated at our wet market. The owner told me that he’s selling old comics for one peso each. My daily school allowance all went to comics. I gathered a vast collection.

The power of internet and technology

Well fast forward… With the invention of internet and gadgets, reading materials and information were accessible and available online. In this age, it is not about the problem from where you get information instead, how you will filter information. You need to identify information and sources to trust and absorb, otherwise, you will be misled.

I can’t forget my personal finance mentor Renz Leano, OFSI founder, had said during one of our sessions. He said that when he started self studying about personal finance and investment there’s not enough references and resources to research. Unlike nowadays “we are bombarded with information”and it becomes a “burden to filter information.”

The problem reading digital materials

Another problem also is distraction while reading. If you read articles and news stories or e-books using tablets or phone — you are not immune to distractions coming from application notifications from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I can’t hardly finished reading an article without checking my Facebook notification in between. An article that will not take three minutes to finish, took eternity for me to read the whole article because I ended up browsing my Facebook account. I’m sure you’re guilty too!

Apart from distractions, reading from tablets and or from phone really make my eyes tired. The text could be small and the screen glared. At times also it will encourage you to read without light because all tablets fitted with back-lighting. This is really dangerous for the eyes. Don’t use your gadgets without background light. It will really strain your eyes quickly and may damage your eyes in the long run.

Why I like to read books

That’s why I love to read a physical book. No distraction. Just turn every gadget off. Besides, I like the smell of each leaves of a book. I’m addicted to its smell. It’s like the best perfume for me. If there’s a perfume which book scent, I will definitely buy it. Books have the best quality of writing. Studies and research were conducted before book is printed.

The problem with books

The downside with books, especially those personal finance and investment related books, are expensive. And of course it is bulky. I have Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success book that could weigh as much as 1.5 pounds. I really love this book that I wanted to bring it wherever I go, but its weight restricted me at times.

So, I’m looking of a book that’s easy to carry. An E-book is ideal minus the distraction. Then I stumbled upon this thing called Kindle from Amazon. It’s the one that I’m looking for.

I ordered Kindle through a friend whose in the US for a vacation. It was handed to me after the vacation. I ordered the Kindle E-reader – Black, 6″ Glare-Free Touchscreen Display with Wi-Fi, as shown below (you may click the below image to find more details) image.

This Kindle E-reader has the most minimal features of all the Kindle family. And I like it because it satisfies my requirements.

  • It is thinner and lighter. I can bring it handily anywhere. It can slip on my jeans front pocket.
  • Black or white Easy on my eyes-touchscreen display reads like real paper. My eyes will not tire immediately. Means, I can read more.
  • No screen glare, even in bright sunlight, unlike tablets.
  • Single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.
  • I’m not lost on the story because it has no alerts or notifications. Distraction free reading!
  • But you can share quotes on your favorite social media via Wi-Fi
  • Holds thousands of books-choose from new releases and bestsellers, or from over a million titles at $2.99 or less.
  • Awesome!

It is a must if you really enjoy reading.



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