How to save money tips for OFWs

Reading… researching… learning… executing…

It was ages since the last time I updated this blog! As what the headline suggests, I did all those things this past few weeks. If you notice there was no writing. I really tried to read, research, learn and execute what I’ve learned.

As you know, If you’ve been reading this blog, you might notice that I really wanted to retire working as an OFW as early as I can. You know, we sacrificed so many things while we are away from family. It was really a tough gamble. That of course to be far away from our family and loved ones in exchange of dinar!

Well, yes! We are earning handsomely but money will just pass by from our hands if we don’t know how to keep something for retirement.

That’s exactly what I’m doing this past few weeks. I’m reading, researching for some new platforms or avenues where I can keep my savings so that it will earn some amount. Making the money work for me. Well good news, I learned two things, and then I executed accordingly what I just learned.

This is not new of course to those who are investment savvy, but this is for those newbie who doesn’t know, just like me.

Well, I just found out that investing UITF can be done through BDO online and you can immediately download the certificate of participation (COP) too after investing! Here’s the guide, you may click the link that will lead you to the PDF file: bdo-uitf-online-facility-navigation-9-08-2015

Just follow the steps and you will be able to invest BDO’s Unit Investment Trust Fund. That of course provided that you have existing Banco de Oro online account.

Now, the second platform that I discovered was FUNDKO. I really like this new platform founded by Tyrone Solee. He’s just a guy who like us also has 8-5 job before but was able to quit his job early. He just handled his finances correctly, devoted large part of his salary to savings, learning investment vehicles, applying rule of thumbs he mentioned on his blog here:, and many other things. Just a trivia, Tyrone became a millionaire at age 26!

Without too much ado let me introduce to you this platform. Well I don’t have any solid assurance about the investment that I put into it except the credibility of its founder. I really look up to this guy because I really like the concept.

FundKo connects investors and borrowers in an online platform. But yes of course borrowers need to approach FundKo’s office to apply maybe personally and submit necessary requirements before they can avail loan. But for investors or lenders, you can immediately register and login, create your profile and fund your account through Dragon Pay and whoaaah! you have an alternative investment to stock market.

For more information about FundKo you may click the FAQ page here:

Once you are registered, you will be able to see a very easy to use dashboard, marketplace to choose what borrowers to fund and ledger page to monitor your funds.

For more inquiries you may like FundKo’s Facebook page.

I created a short video clip on how FundKo concept works:



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