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“The Art of the Deal” by Donald Trump

I finished reading the book: The Art of the Deal written by US president-elect Donald Trump. When Trump was elected in November, I became more interested about his books. One of them really is The Art of the Deal. The day he was elected, I immediately search The Art of the Deal book on Amazon. I bought the kindle version.

You know as an OFW, I can say, I’m so blessed that I learned from Overseas Filipino Smart Investors (OFSI) free financial seminars. OFSI is a non-profit organization in Kuwait aiming to make “OFWs helping fellow OFWs achieve financial freedom and abundance”.

I learned about OFSI from a friend and a former workmate. He wants to be called Don Juan. He was the founder and owner of Tabang Pinoy. He introduced me to OFSI last year and that was the beginning of my financial journey.

What is the connection of the above book?

Well, I learned the basics of handling personal finance from OFSI. I learned about investment vehicles that will drive me towards my financial goal—to retire rich. These are investment vehicles such as; UITF, mutual funds and ultimately stockmarket. I put into action what I learned from OFSI. I invested part of my earnings to the above mentioned investment vehicles.

As an OFW, it is hard being away from family and working my ass to death in a foreign land. The more I know about investment vehicles, the more I didn’t know. Learning all those things lead me to another things I don’t know—that’s Real Estate. To whom I’ll get knowledge from this topic? I want it from the best. And that’s Donald Trump. He received his greatest honor when he was named the Hotel and Real Estate Visionary of the Century in June 2000. He was the president-elect of the United States. So I bought his book—The Art of the Deal. Let me talk more about this book later.

After a year of investing in UITFs, mutual funds and stockmarket, I realized these investments are really good for retirement, and if you invested early. Why? Because these investment requires time. Meaning, you need to work until you get the desired amount of money intended to cover your chosen retirement lifestyle. For me, at my age, I can say that I started investing late. But it’s never too late. I blamed OFSI why I met them only last year. No, I’m just joking! Peace OFSI team!

One night, I’m thinking deeply about how to shorten my time as OFW. How I could go back home to Philippines soonest time possible. I started googling around. I checked my emails and read an email from The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) about real estate. I subscribed to real estate webinar for only Php 1000.00. The title of the webinar is “Master the Real Estate Business”. The webinar bundle has six videos. Each video, you will learned from highly recognized real estate brokers, assessors, developers in the Philippines. You can avail that seminar here.

Going back to The Art of the Deal book. Well after watching all the videos from the webinar, I learned about so many things. The one that got me interested was creating a passive income. You can buy properties and lease it or sub-lease a property that you lease. Real Estate can be tricky because you should do all the research before choosing a property and Donald Trump on his book The Art of the Deal will tell you about how to deal with real estate.

Note that when you buy the book or subscribed to TGFI from the link I provided above, I will earn a small portion of the sale. I’m an amazon and TGFI affiliate. But I will not recommend these two if I didn’t learn something.


  • The TGFI videos (webinar) gave me ideas about real estate in Philippines.
  • It gave me ideas on leasing and sub-leasing properties to earn passive income.
  • It gave me ideas on buying properties for rental to earn passive income.
  • And many more…

The Art of the Deal

  • Learn from Donald Trump the deals he closed in order to realized Trump Tower, Trump Plaza etc.
  • Learn from Donald Trump how he started.
  • There are a lot of things about dealing with real estate that will enhance what can be learned from TGFI.

Why passive income from real estate rental? If you owned properties that earn passive income and that income grow as you accumulate properties. And once your passive income matches or exceeds your current salary now here working as an OFW, then what’s the point working here. Go back home man!

A sample strategy

  • 1 property for rental in 2017.
  • 2 properties for rental in 2018.
  • 3 properties for rental in 2019.
  • 4 properties for rental in 2020.
  • 5 properties for rental in 2021.

But before, executing a certain strategy in mind, learn and study first. Read books and watch informative videos from knowledgeable individuals. I’m telling it’s not easy. So sabi nga ng isang financial guru, “Aral muna bago invest.”



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